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Three Questions You May Have After Spending A Few Days With Veneers

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After your veneers were set, your dentist probably asked you, "do you have any final questions?" before sending you off. However, if you're like most patients, you were so excited to start enjoying your new smile that no questions came to mind. After a few days of wearing veneers, however, those questions are likely to start popping up. Here's a look at a few common ones--and their answers.

Will the sensitivity to cold and hot foods last forever?

If you're experiencing some sharp pain when you drink or eat something too hot or cold, know that this is normal. To apply the veneers, your dentist shaved off a thin layer of your tooth enamel. This makes your teeth a bit sensitive following veneer application. For the vast majority of patients, this sensitivity wears off within a few days. You may be able to accelerate the process by using sensitivity toothpaste or mouth rinses. If you're still experiencing sensitivity a month or more after your veneer application, talk to your dentist, who may be able to prescribe a stronger sensitivity-fighting toothpaste.

Going without coffee is hard--will it really stain the veneers?

A lot of people avoid coffee once they get veneers because they have heard it can stain them. However, coffee won't actually stain your veneers because they're made from porcelain. The same goes for red wine and tea. They might make your teeth that are not covered with veneers darken, so if these teeth are visible at all, you might not want to drink these beverages.  However, if it's just your veneers' appearance you're worried about, you can sip that coffee without worry. Just make sure you go easy on the sugar--that's not good for your teeth whether or not you have veneers.

Will the veneers always feel strange and fragile in your mouth?

It will take your tongue some time to get used to the feeling of the veneers in your mouth, but this will happen. You'll wake up one day, and suddenly, you'll realize you've stopped being aware of your veneers' presence in your mouth. The same is true of that overwhelming worry that you're going to chip or crack your veneers whenever you bite into something. In time, you'll come to trust your veneers a bit more and realize they're strong enough to withstand anything but the crunchiest of foods.

If you think of any other questions about veneers or your teeth in the days following your veneer appointment, don't be afraid to call your dentist, a person like Robert Tartaglione DDS. He or she knows your personal dental health better than anyone and can do a great job of addressing problems that are unique to your situation.