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Getting Your Child To Take Better Care Of Their Teeth

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If you are having a bit of trouble getting your young child to take good care of their teeth, you can use a few different methods to convince them to start taking better care of their teeth. Once they start taking more initiative with their oral care, you will know they are starting good habits that will stay with them when they are adults. This article will provide you with some ideas that will help you convince your child to start taking better care of their teeth on their own.

Use the tooth fairy as motivation

A fun way to get your child to pay better attention to their teeth is to let them know the tooth fairy personally inspects every tooth and can tell whether or not your child is doing their best to take care of their teeth.

You can leave a note for your child in very small font letting them know they will be given an extra special reward if they give the tooth fairy a tooth that's in good condition. Sprinkle some glitter inside the letter to make it more convincing that it's from the tooth fairy. You don't have to wait until they lose a tooth to do this.

When your child leaves a tooth for the tooth fairy, you should leave a little evaluation from the tooth fairy depending on whether or not they have been putting effort into taking care of their teeth.

Use a tooth chart to get your child interested

Children tend to do very well with schedules and structure. A dental chart can be very helpful. Not only will your child look forward to earning rewards by following the chart, but they will also like having everything spelled out for them in an easy manner.

Use poster board to make a calendar and list the dental duties they need to do every day on the side of the chart. Staple a sheet of star stickers, or stickers in the designs of your choosing, to the corner of the chart. Each time your child takes care of their teeth without being prompted they can take a sticker and put it on the square for that day. When they complete each month's chart, you can reward them with a special treat.

Using the ideas above will help you to get your child more interested in taking care of their teeth. By teaching them good oral hygiene habits young, you are instilling habits that will help them keep their teeth healthier throughout their life. If you are still having trouble getting them serious about their teeth, a dentist like Dr. Steven Hogg may have more ideas for you and they can talk to your child about the importance of good oral care.