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Are Dental Implants The Best Choice For You?

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If you are missing some of your teeth then you may be wondering which replacement option is best for you. While your dentist can provide you with information on the medical side of things, it will be up to you to determine whether or not they are right for you in other ways. This article will explain some of the considerations you should make when you are trying to come to a conclusion.

Dental implants are permanent

One of the biggest benefits of dental implants is they provide you with a permanent replacement that requires no more maintenance and care than your natural teeth already require. Other options, such as dentures, can add to your daily oral habit regimen, which may not be right for you.

Implants look completely natural

A dental implant is fused to your jawbone and has a crown attached to it that is made to fit your bite, match the shape of your teeth and match the color and shading of the rest of your teeth. This gives you a replacement others cannot tell is not your natural tooth. While partial dentures have come a long way in looking more natural, there are still signs that they aren't real, such as the separations they cause on your gumline.

Dental implants may cost more

If you are working with a budget, then other options, such as dentures, tend to be the more affordable option. Also, some dental plans will only cover the most necessary forms of treatment, which generally doesn't cover dental implants and this leaves you to foot the bill yourself.  

You need to be medically able to have dental implants put in

Don't assume implants are an option until you see your dentist. There are many underlying factors that go into making you a good candidate for them. Your jawbone needs to be dense enough and it needs to be assumed that you will heal at a regular rate. This can be affected by certain autoimmune conditions, diabetes and other health conditions.

There is a recovery time

When you get dental implants, you will undergo a minimally invasive procedure. While the recovery period is a short one, it does leave you on pain medication for the first few days which will mean you should slow things down and rest for those few days.

Dental implants are a great option and should be considered before you decide on going through with another option. Contact a company like Louisville Family Dental for more information.