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Are Clear Braces A Good Option For You?

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If you are unhappy with your smile, you may be thinking about getting braces to improve the appearance of your teeth. Traditional metal braces may not sound like the most fun option, but they often provide the most permanent and noticeable results, however you may also be a candidate for clear braces. Clear braces look similar to a mouth guard or tooth whitening tray and are shaped to the design of your teeth to help shape them to better alignment. Here are some signs that clear braces may be a wise option for your dental needs.

You don't need major alignment

Clear braces work best on patients who don't need a massive amount of work done on their teeth. If your front teeth are just a little crooked or you simply have a gap in your teeth you want to repair with braces, clear versions may work well for you. You will be fitted for braces every few months until your mouth is satisfactorily corrected. Traditional braces may be a better option for you if you have an overbite, crossed teeth, or other more intensive cosmetic correction that is needed.

You can afford them

Clear braces can cost as much as $8,000, which is more expensive than metal braces (which start at around $3,000). Furthermore, your dental insurance may only cover traditional braces and not 'specialty' braces such as clear varieties. If you can afford clear braces and are otherwise a candidate, they can be a great option for you. In some cases your orthodontist may be able to assist you with a payment plan as long as you put a larger percentage down to begin payments. Talk to your dentist about payment options for all kinds of braces if you are unsure which one will be the most affordable for your needs.

You understand the maintenance required

Braces that are not permanent fixtures on your teeth can be removed and washed daily. If you can take care of the basic maintenance of your clear braces, they will not feel like an inconvenience to you. If you don't take care of them they can become stained by beverages or food (such as coffee or chocolate) and lose their clear benefits.

Getting clear braces can provide you with confidence while you get your teeth straightened. Talk to your dentist to see if they are an option you can consider to help align your smile and get you on track to better oral health.