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4 Ways To Keep Your Child Occupied While You Wait In The Dentist Office

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When you schedule an appointment for your child to have a routine exam or teeth cleaning, you can expect to spend a little time waiting in the dentist office after arrival. Some children become anxious about dental visits, and others simply get bored easily. It is a good idea to come to the office prepared with a few things that will keep your child occupied until his or her name is called. 

Pack Activity and Coloring Sheets

There are plenty of online sites that offer complimentary printables that teach kids about dental health. Some are in the form of coloring pages, which is excellent for younger children, while others feature a variety of activities geared toward middle schoolers. You can print a few pages out before leaving home and then grab a pack of crayons, colored pencils, or markers and make your way to the dentist office. 

Craft a Tooth Fairy Pillow

Bring supplies to craft a tooth fairy pillow while you wait. You'll want to do all the cutting at home so you don't have to worry about scraps of paper or carrying scissors. The pillow can be made using a cutout of a tooth and a cutout of a square that forms a pouch, or older children can learn how to sew or crochet a tooth fairy pillow. No matter the age, children always enjoy crafts and you'll find this one really helps to pass the time. 

Install Dental Apps for Kids on an iPad

If your child enjoys playing games on an iPad or iPhone, you'll be happy to discover there are plenty of dental apps designed to teach kids about proper oral health. You can put these on the device you own to use while waiting in the dentist office. There's one called Brush My Teeth and another called Little Dentist that quite popular. Of course, new apps are always being added, so take a few minutes to do a search in the Apple store before you leave the house. 

Play Eye Spy

There are two ways you can play eye spy with your children when visiting the dentist office. Scholastic makes a series of I Spy books that you can pick up at the library or purchase at a book fair. These books are filled with images that you and your child can search for. Another option is to just head to the dentist office and look around. Choose something from the decor, toy area, or wall art. 

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