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3 Options For Restoring A Worn-Down Tooth

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Teeth can withstand a lot of wear and tear, but sometimes teeth can begin to take on a more worn-down appearance from excessive use. This is particularly common if you bite your nails or enjoy hard, crunchy foods. Teeth can become chipped or gradually worn down by biting into hard objects, which can make them look uneven. If you want to restore the appearance of a worn out tooth, here are three ways you can go about it.


Veneers are a great choice for hiding the damage caused to a tooth by repeated wear and tear. Veneers are made out of porcelain and are essentially like a thin white shield that sits in front of your tooth. They're designed to perfectly mimic the size, shape, and color of a real tooth, and don't require any complicated dental surgery to install.

Veneers are an inexpensive and easy choice if the damage to your tooth is merely cosmetic. However, if the damage has harmed the underlying structure of your tooth, the next two options may be more appropriate for you.


If a tooth is worn down excessively, it can put the inner pulp and dentin at risk of damage. These parts of the tooth are more susceptible to decay and infection than the external protective enamel. If your tooth is in danger of having these parts exposed, a simple dental filling can potentially restore the appearance of your tooth and protect your tooth from further damage.


Lastly, if your tooth is extremely worn down and damaged, a crown is probably your best bet. Dental crowns can be used on any tooth, and can be manufactured out of the same porcelain that veneers are made from. This allows the crown to take on the appearance of a healthy tooth while protecting your damaged, vulnerable tooth from further harm.

Dental crowns are most suitable for people whose teeth have become severely worn down where even a filling isn't possible. In many cases, you may already be experiencing some decay in the tooth due to the dentin or pulp being exposed. In this case, your dentist will need to drill away the decay before setting up your crown.

Whether your tooth is only in need of a simple cover-up or something more protective, a cosmetic dentist, such as Cherry Hill Dentistry LLC, can help you. Make an appointment for a consultation today to begin the process of perfecting your smile.