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How To Ensure Your Dentures Are Undetectable: Fitting, Cleaning, And General Care

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It takes a little adjustment to become accustomed to wearing a full set of upper and lower dentures; and, it's no one's business but your own. Dentures are fitted to look like your natural teeth, and if they are placed in your mouth in the most comfortable position, you won't have anyone notice that they are actually false teeth. Some people retain their natural teeth even if they need to be pulled for health reasons because they are under the impression that dentures are easily detected.

It all comes down to the fitting process, as well as going to a reputable cosmetic dentistry clinic. You can proudly wear your dentures by taking excellent care of them and having your denturist make repairs to your false teeth when needed.

What Makes Cosmetic Dentistry Look Exceptionally Natural?

Before a set of dentures can be made to duplicate the teeth they will be replacing, your denturist will need a mold of your existing teeth and gums. From there, a skilled denturist will be able to measure the size and shape of the areas where your natural teeth were, then craft each individual false tooth that will be housed in your new set of dentures. It is important that your false set of teeth look natural, but they also have to be created so that your dentures fit well.

Caring For Your Dentures As Carefully As Your Natural Teeth

The easiest way to properly handle your dentures is by cleaning them when you go to brush your natural teeth. You can soak your set of dentures in water while brushing and flossing, then brush your dentures carefully afterward. Dentures should be cleaned and cared for after they have been taken out of your mouth as you can damage them if you aren't carefully looking after them while brushing or stain treating them. Have your dentures repaired and maintained at a cosmetic dentistry clinic, preferably at the same one where you had your dentures initially fitted. Contact a dental clinic, like Mark A. Massa, DDS, Inc, for more information.

Avoiding Staining And Damaging Your Dentures

Denturists have found that acrylic resin replicates the surface of natural teeth very well. Although acrylic resin is durable and feels natural, it can also be stained by beverages like coffee and tea. Smoking cigarettes, cigars, and other tobacco products can also lead to the staining of your dentures. If you want to maintain their original appearance, you can do things like drink with a straw or even take your dentures out if you are going to continue to use tobacco products or drink coffee regularly.