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Ways To Encourage Your Kid To Practice Good Brushing At Home

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Do you encounter resistance with your children when it eventually comes time to brush their teeth? If so, you may be struggling with what you can do to encourage them to brush regularly. While it it worth asking your child's dentist about their problem during their next appointment, here are some things you can do right now.

Establish A Brushing Routine

Part of the problem with getting a child to brush their teeth is not establishing the proper routine. As a parent, you may slack off with having them brush in the morning or before bed, so when the time comes that you ask them to do it, your child resists. That's why it's so important to establish a brushing routine that they can get into, and then it becomes an expected part of the beginning and end of the day.

For example, in the morning you may want to have your child brush their teeth first thing when they wake up while they are still in their pajamas. In the evening, you can have them brush their teeth prior to you reading them a story before bed.

Give Your Child A Choice With Their Toothbrush

Another way to get your child to brush is to let them be part of the process of picking out the toothbrush. Head down to the store with them and show them the variety of different brushes. If they gravitate towards a more expensive brush with their favorite cartoon character on it, that is completely okay. Picking out the brush with a character on it can help make your child excited to use it every day.

Brush With Your Child

You may find that your child is more likely to brush their teeth along with you. Since you have to brush your teeth twice a day as well, you may as well do it along with them to encourage brushing. You'll find that your child will try to mimic your motions of which part of your mouth you are brushing, and end up brushing for as long as you do. Make sure to brush along with them for a full two minutes, so your child can get in the brushing they need.

Set Up A Reward System

The best way to encourage children is to praise them for their good behavior. Consider setting up a sticker chart where they can get a sticker for each day that they brush in the morning and evening for two minutes each time. When the chart fills up, they can get a reward that you feel is appropriate.

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