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Learn About One Cause Of Thin Enamel

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Enamel hypoplasia is a dental issue that can cause a number of issues for those that have it. This condition happens while the teeth are still forming and it can be caused from many different things. One of the things that can cause some people to have the condition is through genetics. If it runs in their family, then they have an increased risk of having it themselves. Also, there are other factors that can cause it, such as being born early, a pregnant mother taking certain medications before learning she is pregnant, certain bacterial infections and certain viral infections.

Increases the chances of dental problems

Enamel hypoplasia is the term for someone having very thin enamel. Since the enamel is the shell that protects the rest of the tooth, having a much thinner layer of this protective shell means the person will be more susceptible to many issues. Just a few of the issues that a person can end up suffering from due to this problem include cavities, breaks, fractures, hypersensitivity, discoloration and more.

Affects people differently

Some people may have a small degree of this condition in which only one or a few teeth are affected in some areas. Then, there are some people who have a serious case of this condition to the point where all of their teeth are affected on all surfaces. The people who have the severe cases will be at more of a risk of having other dental problems occurring due to having this issue.

Can affect the way a person's teeth look

Some people who have this issue can have varying degrees of problems with the looks of their teeth. Some people have teeth with spots on them and those spots can be white, yellow, brown, orange, and even gray. Some people can have teeth that are severely affected to the point that all of their teeth are dark in color including dark yellow, orange, brown or gray. Their teeth can't be bleached white because the problem with the color comes from inside out, not from stained surfaces.

Can affect the feel of a person's teeth

A person with this condition may also have teeth that don't feel smooth like most people's teeth feel. They can instead feel rough and uneven. Their teeth may also not be shaped nicely because the condition can affect their teeth's shape as well as their integrity.

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