Whitening Your Teeth is So Much Safer at the Dentist

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Avoiding Cosmetic Issues With Your Teeth

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Preventing dental staining from occurring can be an important goal for anyone that is interested in keeping their smile looking its best. Unfortunately, people often make choices that can greatly increase the risk of their teeth becoming noticeably stained.

Use A Water Flosser

Staining will often start in the crevices between the teeth. Once discoloration occurs here, it can be extremely noticeable, and it may contribute to the discoloration spreading. Using a water flosser can allow you to more effectively remove the substances between the teeth so that they will not be able to cause discoloration. Most water flossers can support a small amount of whitening mouthwash being added to it, which can greatly improve its effectiveness at keeping your teeth white.

Appreciate The Benefits Of Professional Whitening Services

Home whitening kits can help you with removing light dental staining. However, these kits are limited in their ability to remove deep or otherwise serious stains. In these situations, the stains will need to be removed with professional treatments. These treatments will utilize specialized whitening solutions that can penetrate deeper into the enamel so that these stains can be removed. Additionally, laser whitening can also be used. When a patient's staining is simply too severe to remove, the patient may need to receive veneers or other cosmetic procedures to cover the stains.

Change The Toothbrush Regularly

A toothbrush will be your first line of defense against stains. However, the effectiveness of the toothbrush will be severely degraded if it is not replaced every few weeks. Writing the date that you start using the toothbrush on it will make it much easier to accurately keep track of the age of your toothbrush so that you replace it before it becomes too worn to be effective at cleaning your teeth and gums.

Protect The Health Of Your Gums

When it comes to cosmetic dental issues, individuals will often only think of their teeth. However, gums can also play an important role in your appearance. If the gums become diseased, they may recede. This can impact the appearance of your smile by giving you an uneven gumline or making your teeth appear much larger than they are. While brushing and flossing can help to prevent gum disease, you may also want to use a mouthwash. This will eliminate plaque and tartar that may have been missed by brushing and flossing. Furthermore, you should seek treatment if you notice bleeding, swelling, or other early warning signs of gum disease.

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