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Myths About Having A Dental Implant Placed

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Dental implants are an extremely misunderstood type of dental procedure that individuals may need. This can lead to patients lacking the type of information that is needed for them to confidently decide to undergo the procedure of having a missing tooth replaced with a dental implant.

Myth: Only Teeth That Have Been Recently Removed Can Be Replaced With A Dental Implant

Patients that are missing one or more teeth may assume that they will only be able to get a dental implant if they undergo a replacement procedure soon after the tooth is removed. While having the tooth replaced as soon as possible can help to limit complications, it is not entirely necessary. In fact, patients that have been missing a tooth for years will often find that they are suitable candidates for receiving a dental implant.

For patients that have had to wait a potentially lengthy time before receiving their implant, it can be necessary to have the spacing of the teeth adjusted before the implant can be placed. This is due to the tendency of teeth to shift positions when a gap forms.

Myth: Adjusting To Life With Dental Implants Will Be Difficult

Once you have received your dental implants, you might assume that adjusting to life wearing this dental prosthetic will be difficult. However, it is actually a fairly simple and quick process.

Most patients will find that the implanted tooth feels like a natural part of their mouth within a few days of the procedure being completed. While there may be some discomfort or awkwardness while the implant is bonding to your mouth, this will pass soon after the artificial crown is placed on the tooth.

During the first several days after getting the implant, you may want to be careful when eating as it can be easy to bite your tongue.

Myth: Dental Implants Have A Short Lifespan

Due to the fact that receiving a dental implant will be a surgical procedure, patients will want to avoid the need to undergo this treatment again in the future. Luckily, dental implants are durable enough to be able to last for years before the crown will need to be replaced.

When it does come time to have the crown replaced, the process will be quick and painless, as the implant itself will not need to be removed. Rather, the worn artificial tooth is removed from the implant so that it can be replaced. For most patients, this process should only take a few minutes for the dentist to complete.

For more information about the dental implant procedure, contact a dentist.