Whitening Your Teeth is So Much Safer at the Dentist

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Freeze Frame! Cosmetic Dental Procedures That Stop Time From Marching Over Your Face

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Nobody likes getting older. In fact, most people would argue that if they could get wiser without getting wrinklier, they would do that instead. If you are having a hard time with time marching across your face, you do not have to live with it. There are many cosmetic procedures that change the way you look, but you can start small, with your teeth. Take a look

Old Teeth to Young Teeth

A dead giveaway to age is always your teeth. It is as true for humans as it is for horses. If you do not want people thinking or assuming that you are older than you want to be, whiten your teeth. Pictures of a person before and after teeth whitening have been shown to a group of survey subjects before. When these subjects were asked who they thought looked older, they almost always picked the people with yellowed teeth. Those with whitened teeth were naturally considered "younger" because the assumption remained that no one with teeth that white could be older. 

Worn Teeth to Perfect Teeth

As you age, your teeth wear down. They become thinner and more prone to crowding and cracking. A dentist can apply veneers to your teeth to take them from worn, cracked, and older looking to younger and more perfect looking teeth. The effect is really quite dramatic with some people who have had discolored and worn teeth for years, despite of how young their faces may have looked in the "before" photos. 

Crooked Association

There is this weird association people have with crooked teeth and aging. It may have been from all the old fairy tales about crones/witches who were old, ugly, and had crooked teeth; who knows? However, it is a very crooked association, and one which you may not enjoy. It is never too late for braces, and invisible and removable braces can fix all of your crooked teeth in time to the point where they cannot possibly be associated with "old" anymore. If you straighten them first, and then either whiten them or apply veneers to them, there is no way your teeth will look remotely old at all. 


Without a doubt, the number one stereotype of old age is missing teeth. This is one that makes most cosmetic dental patients seek help, because it is the one that makes them most self-conscious and uncomfortable. Implants for missing teeth can definitely help remove any embarrassment or stigma you feel about growing older and having your teeth and face show your age. 

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