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Should You Choose A Pediatric Or A Family Dentist?

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Are you currently looking for a new dentist for yourself and your family? If so, you may be wondering what type of dentist you should choose, especially if you have young children. While many general dentists restrict services to adults and possibly teens, family and pediatric dentists will both see young children. The only thing you need to do is decide which dentist is right for your family's needs. The following guide can help you decide.

How important is convenience?

If convenience is on of your top priorities, which is understandable if it is, then a family dentist is likely your best option. Pediatric dentists have age limits, typically of 18 or 21. This means you would have to take the kids to one office and the parents to a different one. The result is you will have to spread dental appointments out, rather than have everyone go at the same time. This can be a time suck on a busy family. Further, your child will age out of their dentist eventually, thus necessitating finding them a new one. This can be an inconvenience at the least, or a major hassle if the child was in the process of undergoing major work, such as orthodontics, at the time they age out.

Are there any special needs to consider?

On the other hand, if your child has any special needs, whether related or unrelated to dental issues. a pediatric dentist can be the better option. Pediatric dentists typically have additional training to help them address children's issues even beyond dental care, which includes behavioral issues and special needs. They may also be better trained at dealing with complicated dental needs in a child's small mouth. If the convenience of sharing a dentist is important to you, you may be able to find a family dentist office that has a pediatric dentist on staff. Some family dentists also choose to undergo extra training to deal with special needs client's or other pediatric concerns.

How varied are your family's dental needs?

Does your family have very varied dental needs? For example, do you have a child with an overbite, an adult needing veneers or other cosmetic work, and someone else requiring periodontal care for gingivitis? If so, then a family dental office may be the best choice. This is because family dentist tend to have several dentists of varying specialties working under one roof. Everyone's varied needs can then be addressed by a single office, as opposed to having to set up appointments all over town.

For more help, contact a family dentist in your area.