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Does Your College Kid Have Intrinsic Teeth Staining? 3 Tips To Help You Determine If They Are Good Candidates For Veneers

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Intrinsic stains are those that happen from within your child's teeth. Your child may have discolored teeth due to medications that they took as a child, certain chemicals in their drinking water, or even a mouth injury that they suffered. While you may know that your child's teeth stains are not their fault, you may worry about how other people view their smile. Now that your kid is an adult going to college, they have more options for improving their smile. You can use these three tips to help you decide if your kid is a strong candidate for porcelain veneers that cover up those unsightly stains.

Check to See How They Feel About the Stains

Before you offer to help your child with a dental procedure, you want to know that they also feel the same way about the appearance of their teeth. People change a lot from their early teens to their college years, and it is possible that your child feels either better or worse about their smile. Find a time when they are open to talking, and ask them what they think about how their smile affects their appearance. If they express concern or low self-esteem, then they may benefit emotionally from having teeth that are uniform in color.

Inquire About Their Desire for Other Cosmetic Improvements

During this conversation, your college kid might also express other worries about their smile that porcelain veneer treatment can improve. For instance, they may dislike how some teeth are different sizes from the others, and veneers can help to even this issue out. They may also worry about a chipped tooth in their smile or have a concern about a new set of stains. Since the porcelain shell is custom-molded to fit your child's teeth, they may be able to correct many of these issues with the ease of doing just one simple procedure.

Ask About Their Oral Hygiene

A veneer made out of porcelain is made to be long-lasting, and your child can expect them to last around 10 to 20 years. But this does require them to put in some effort. Talk to your college kid about how well they currently brush and floss their teeth. Ideally, they should be committed to maintaining a normal oral hygiene routine combined with regular visits to the dentist for cleanings and exams. If they can commit to this and have concerns about stains and other issues, then they may be ready to correct the staining with veneers.