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Dental Implants: Should You Consider Them?

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If you have a missing tooth, it is possible to fill that gap with an artificial tooth. Generally, dental implants are among the most effective option for people with missing teeth. Implants usually go on your jawbone, creating a permanent structure that functions like a real tooth. The dental implant usually replaces both the tooth and the root.

This procedure is necessary to protect the rest of your teeth from shifting positions leading to bite issues, overcrowding, or gaps. If you wonder whether you qualify for this procedure, the following points will answer your questions.

1. Your Tooth Is Chipped or Missing

A missing or chipped tooth is not something most people would be comfortable living with. In addition, you could be uncomfortable socializing with your peers since all eyes would be on your missing tooth. Similarly, you may not smile comfortably, especially in public.

Dental gaps increase the chances of bacterial infections. However, you can overcome these challenges through a dental implant procedure and be able to chew, talk, and smile confidently.

2. Your Dentures Are Problematic

If you have recently had dentures installed, you should monitor and maintain them. Some dentures may be problematic if they do not fit properly. If your dentures cause pain or discomfort, you should not ignore the problem. Instead, let your dentist know to think of a better alternative like dental implants.

Implants reduce discomfort, provide a permanent solution, and prevent gum irritation. The other benefit of switching to dental implants is that they last longer, and you do not have to visit your dentist too often for inspection.

3. You Have an Infected Tooth

An infection is the last thing you want when you have tooth problems such as periodontal disease. In some cases, such a tooth cannot be salvaged. Therefore, you need to have it extracted right away before things worsen. For example, the infection can spread to the rest of your body, leading to complicated health issues. If you have an oral infection that leads to tooth extraction, you should consider dental implants.

4. Your Facial Structure Is Changing

Your facial structure can change due to various reasons. The most common reason is bone loss from a missing tooth. However, you can fix that situation through a dental implant. The artificial tooth will give your face a natural lift and restore your look and smile.

Dental implants have saved many people with missing teeth. So if you are in the same situation, you can consider the same solution. Therefore, ensure you visit a reliable dentist to learn more about this innovative dental procedure.