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Major Dental Procedures You May Need To Undergo

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While many of the dental issues that a person will experience can be relatively minor, there are some dental issues that can be extremely problematic. In particular, it can be possible for individuals to suffer extensive structural damage to one or more of their teeth.

Tooth Reconstruction Procedures

Depending on the extent and the type of damage that the tooth suffered, it might be possible to perform a reconstruction of it. This will typically involve the use of dental bonding agents that can be applied to the damaged areas of the tooth. By applying multiple layers of this bonding, the dentist will be able to restore the shape and appearance of the tooth. Not surprisingly, this is a popular option for teeth that are cosmetically important as a dentist that is experienced with performing this type of bonding work will be able to effectively recreate a natural shape for the tooth.

Crown Placement

In many instances, a patient will find that the damage to their tooth is extensive enough to require the placement of a dental crown. These crowns are protective coverings that can be applied to a tooth that has suffered extensive structural damage. Without the protection of the crown, it is likely that the tooth will eventually shatter. Once this occurs, the patient may experience intense pain, and the restoration options for the tooth will be far more limited. Fortunately, the placement of a crown is a relatively routine procedure, but it can take a couple of trips to have this procedure completed. This is due to the need for the dentist to send a mold to a lab or service that can create these crowns. Once the crown has been finished and shipped to the dentist, they will be able to apply it to the patient's tooth.

Dental Implant Placement

Unfortunately, there are types of tooth damage that are simply not possible to repair. In these instances, a patient may need to have the tooth extracted to preserve the health of the rest of their teeth and gums. If you have needed to undergo tooth extraction for this reason, there are replacement options that can be used to restore your mouth. While a dental implant can provide results that are natural in appearance and extremely durable, individuals will need to wait for their mouth to fully heal after the extraction before the implant placement procedure can be started. To help facilitate this healing process, you should strive to ensure that you are keeping your mouth as clean as possible. Contact someone in dentistry for more information.