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Dos And Don'ts For Knocked-Out Teeth

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Hopefully, you never have a tooth knocked out of your mouth, and hopefully, this does not happen to anyone you know and love, either! However, the reality is that people do knock teeth out from time to time, and there is a non-zero chance that you may find yourself in this situation one day. If you do knock out a tooth, or if you're with someone who does, it is important that you know what to do and how to seek help. Here are the key dos and don'ts to adhere to in this situation.

Do: Try to find the tooth.

Sometimes a tooth can be put back into your mouth. So, it is worth looking for and finding the tooth, if possible. If you're not alone, consider assigning this job to one person so you can focus on caring for your mouth or your friend's mouth.

Don't: Stuff cotton in the hole.

You might think about stuffing cotton balls in the empty tooth socket to stop the bleeding, but this is not a good move. Cotton can leave little fibers behind that the dentist will then have to pick out. If you can find the tooth, rinse it and put it back in the socket. Then, bite down on some gauze or cloth to hold the tooth in place. If you can't find the tooth, just gently bite down on some gauze. It does not shed fibers like cotton balls.

Do: Call an emergency dentist if it's after hours.

If your ordinary dentist's office is not open, call an emergency dentist. The sooner you get in for care, the greater the chances of saving the tooth. This is not something that should wait until morning or until the next day.

Don't: Take aspirin.

If you're in pain, you can generally take ibuprofen or naproxen for the pain, but do not take aspirin. Aspirin is known to thin the blood, so it may make you bleed more and may interfere with the healing process after you lose a tooth. If you're in serious pain after taking ibuprofen, tell the dentist. They may be able to give you a shot of a numbing agent that will mask the pain when it's at its worst.

With these dos and don'ts in mind, you will be better prepared to deal with a knocked-out tooth emergency. Share these tips with your friends so they'll be similarly prepared. For more information on emergency dental services, contact a professional near you.